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Electrician Repair service

Instantly Solution

The fan above you, the computer before you and mobile phone in your pocket, these are just a few of things in your daily life that need electricity. Our work and our entertainment all require electricity and hence require electrical work.

Whether it’s electrical wiring services or electrical maintenance services, when it comes to anything electrical – it’s best not to attempt any DIY solutions you might have read or heard of. This can cause dangers like electrical shocks and even setting off a fire. For anything electrical – it’s best to call in an expert. Not only do you need the right tools and materials, you also need the right knowledge.

Feeling a spark is not always a good thing. Don’t wait till something stops working to get help. The moment there’s a warning sign, you should take action. Sometimes you might not even know you need electrical help. Look out for flickering lights or any appliance making a buzzing sound. A burning smell can also be a warning sign that you need electrical help.

Whether you have a light fixture that's malfunctioning or need some extra outlets or have a circuit breaker that seems to have died, getting timely solutions to all your electrical problems is now easy and inexpensive thanks to HouseJoy. Here’s another reason why you need an electrician - sometimes a high electricity bill can be due to a faulty meter or faulty wiring. And if that’s the case - it can easily be corrected by an electrician.
HouseJoy sends over experienced, background-verified electricians for anything you need like setting up a new electrical point, installing lights, electrical maintenance service and even smart home solution service. The process is simple, just look for electrical technician near me, or Electrician repair service near me or you can even be more specific and look for exactly what you need like Inverter repair service near me.

To get things set up or to get them running again after a breakdown, getting the right electrician can keep you safe and keep your home secure. With HouseJoy, you can select the time and date depending on your convenience and even check the work while it’s being done. If you’d rather be safe than sorry, you can get a full home health check done to ensure all your wirings, switch boards, appliances, lights, fans and the main meter board are functioning as they should.

Electrician Work Service

Switches, Meters And Fuses

  • Main Control Board (mcb)


  • New Electric Point


  • 3 Phase Panel Board


  • Others



  • Ceiling Fan


  • Exhaust Fan


  • Others



  • Tube Lights With Panel 1 nos


  • Fancy Lights


  • Sockets And Holders


Electrical Services

  • Wiring


  • Inverter


  • Other Electrical Services

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